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March 6, 2015 | What an amazing vibe to be sharing with you party people!!

Here at Sub Bubble Records time is just right to witness a flow of powerful creative energy given to birth by a uniquely talented crew. With Groovedesign freshly become part of the team, we are on the ball and ready to progress with an energising plan for the time to come. Our aim is to communicate our visions, passion and emotions through new experimental soundscapes where hedges between genres aren’t clearly marked and cross contamination opens vast horizons yet to be admired…. Together we will explore the fringes between Progressive, Techno, Psy-Trance, Deep, Dark Tech, Minimal Techno and some crazy (trust me), absolutely crazy stuff!!!!! Our first release ‘Psyshe’ Volume 1 is scheduled for May 1th 2015.

Open your heart to the Spirit of true Underground Psychedelic Festivals and let us take you on a special tour across electronic music: buckle up!!