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March 6, 2015 | What an amazing vibe to be sharing with you party people!!

Here at Sub Bubble Records time is just right to witness a flow of powerful creative energy given to birth by a uniquely talented crew. With Groovedesign freshly become part of the team, we are on the ball and ready to progress with an energising plan for the time to come. Our aim is to communicate our visions, passion and emotions through new experimental soundscapes where hedges between genres aren’t clearly marked and cross contamination opens vast horizons yet to be admired…. Together we will explore the fringes between Progressive, Techno, Psy-Trance, Deep, Dark Tech, Minimal Techno and some crazy (trust me), absolutely crazy stuff!!!!! Our first release ‘Psyshe’ Volume 1 is scheduled for May 1th 2015.

Open your heart to the Spirit of true Underground Psychedelic Festivals and let us take you on a special tour across electronic music: buckle up!!

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January 5, 2012 | Duca’s ‘Loud Works’ released on Sub Bubble

Sub Bubble head honcho Bahar Canca expertly weaves her precision skills into Serbian producer Duca’s latest tech house monster, ‘Loud Works’.

Duca’s original is a fierce progressive techno beast, full of delicious industrial attitude, that takes charge of the speakers whether listening at home or at a cavernous warehouse party. Its dark mechanical sounds wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack of an early nineteenth century Russian propaganda film.

Bahar stays true to the authoritarian feel of the original but threads it with layers of tribal and psychedelica, giving the remix a much more trippy flavour. The rich techno bass lines are intercepted with breaks that hint towards 1950s cinematic melodrama in their brain twisting energy.

Loud Works’ is the first single out on Sub Bubble since the Turkish born DJ aired her three-part EP, which was widely praised earlier this autumn for its depth and creative use of sounds.

Duca, born Dusan Sekic, started wanting to make music at the age of 12 after visiting Belgrade techno raves. Dabbling in everything from acid trance to Goa trance, he finally reached his trademark progressives house and techno sound, releasing his first track in 2004 and sparking an international DJing career.  This is the Serbian’s first track to appear on the upcoming West London based label.

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September 13, 2011 | Sub Bubble & Friends

Hey guys…

Join us on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every MONTH at INSPIRAL LOUNGE, Camden from 7pm to Midnight for a chance to catch up with friends and at the same time have a boogie to some beats being spun from the Sub Bubble team and guests.

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